For twelve weeks, a group of four women at St. Mary’s studied to join the Daughters of the King, an Order for women of the Episcopal Church. On May 19th, the Kyrie Eleison Chapter of St. Mary’s was officially  installed as a part of the Order.  As Daughters, we have dedicated ourselves to serving our Lord and building up His Church. Daughters commit to a Rule of Prayer and to a Rule of Service. Prayer, however, is central. A Daughter prays daily for 1.) the spread of Christ’s Kingdom, especially among women and girls: 2) God’s blessing upon members of the Order; and 3) the spiritual growth of this parish. We pray daily over the church prayer list, as well as over a list of those who, for no matter what the reasons, wish for their particular prayers to be kept in private by the Daughters.

When we took our vows, we were presented with silver crosses that read  “Magnanimiter Crucem Sustine” and “FHS.” The Latin broadly translates to, “With lofty heart, mind, and spirit uphold the Cross” and the initials represent that our prayer, service, and evangelism are done “For His Sake.” However, as Lexington Diocesan President Monica Burden noted to us, another way that we can translate the Latin is “Generously uphold the Cross,” which is a beautiful way of describing our mission. It is a cross that we will wear at all times.

To become Daughters, we began a twelve-week study of preparation in February 2013. The study has truly been a blessing – through contemplation and discussion of what prayer and service are, we have grown in our faith and gained a deeper appreciation of one another.   We have been welcomed by an amazing group of women within the Daughters of the King of the Lexington Diocese who are holding St. Mary’s and us in their prayers.

We hope to use the blog to share prayers that we have drawn strength from, experiences that have inspired us, and thoughts about what being a Christian means to us. We also hope that if you have a prayer request, that you will share it with us to pray over (Daughters keep all prayers private and close to their hearts!). And if you are a female member of St. Mary’s and you would like to join us, we would love to hear from you!

In Christ’s Love,

Natalie, Georgina, Tonya, and Ruth


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