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Let me tell you a story.

It begins in a Cracker Barrel in Middlesboro, Kentucky. There, three women gathered. Two were Daughters, and the other was a dear friend to St. Mary’s. One Daughter had previously said to another, “You are on the board at St. Agnes’ House, right? Is there anything we can do?”

“Oh, yes,” said the second. “There is always something that can be done.”

“Let’s pray about it,” they said together.

And so, they met that day to see what it was that could be done after offering up their prayers. The Daughter who asked the question and the third woman were brilliant decorators who loved to brighten others’ lives. The women talked and decided that, between them and their love of decorating, they could remodel one room at St. Agnes’ House, a hospitality mission that gave a place to stay in Lexington, Kentucky for those in medical crisis. The second Daughter made the arrangements to travel.

“Let’s keep praying,” they said to one another.

A few days later, the three women and another parishioner of St. Mary’s took a road trip. As they moved through the home, the eyes of the two decorators began to light up. Plans for additional work on other rooms were made. It would take far more funds, however, and time was limited.

“Let’s pray,” they said to one another.

Then, donations began to come in once others heard what the women were doing. The parishioners of St. Mary’s responded with generosity and loving heart by donating gently loved furniture, lamps, and other items. They responded with their wallets. Community members responded in kind, too, and one Daughter’s uncle donated the extra wood from his carpenter business for the creation of extra headboards. As the two decorators combed antique shops for good deals,  the owner asked what they could possibly want with twelve lamps. After explaining the reason, the shop owner nodded. She sold them the lamps for the cost of $1.00 total. Suddenly, it looked as if more rooms could be completed.

“Something’s happening – we must keep praying!” they said to one another.

The Daughters and their friend worked together to paint the wood, make art, and sew curtains. Then, the week of Easter, parishioners saw to the transport of items to Lexington. The first Daughter and her friend, the genius decorators, went to Lexington for the week. With students from the University of Kentucky and the Interim Director of St. Agnes’ House, they spent late nights transforming not one room, but all nine rooms of the house. One night, the first Daughter called the second and noted how she wished there was extra money for comforters. The second Daughter gave her good news – new donations had just increased the number in their account. The comforters could be purchased. The women marveled that their prayers had been met in such a spectacular way.

And so, with what began as a question of what could be done, prayer and service brought the project at St. Agnes’ House together. To our St. Mary’s family, to the outside community, and most especially to God, from whom all blessings flow, we give thanks!