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adventcandleThe Advent season is one of preparation – we are preparing for Christ’s arrival, a joyful event!

At St. Mary’s, we’re particularly active with many types of preparations at this time of year. A spaghetti supper will be held this Friday to raise funds for our annual Christmas Box Project. The Christmas Box Project itself will take place next Saturday, and parishioners will be happily busy with cooking, shopping, wrapping, and delivering.

Another big event takes place this Saturday – on that day, the Rev. Deacon Peter Helman’s ordination to the Sacred Order of Priests will take place. As Daughters, we pray for him as he prepares for this blessed event.


Almighty God, we lift up your servant, Peter; give him grace to nurture your people that we may grow in the knowledge and love your Son, Jesus Christ. We pray that he might be filled with the gifts of the Holy Spirit and that his life be an example of righteousness and wholeness. May his family know the fulness of joy from his faithful loving heart and may he know the nearness of God always. Amen.

-The National Handbook of the DOK, pg. 46-47