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Today in the Episcopal Church calendar, we mark the Feast of the First Book of Common Prayer, which is traditionally observed on a weekday following Pentecost. To commemorate the day, here is “The seconde Collecte at Evensong”, which is taken from The Book of Common Prayer: The Texts of 1549, 1559, and 1662, edited by Brian Cummings:

O God from whom all holy desyres, all good counsayles, and all juste workes do procede: Geve unto thy servauntes that peace, which the world cannot geve, that both our hartes maye be sette to obey thy commaundementes, and also that by thee, we being defended from the feare of our enemies, may passe oure time in rest and quietnesse, throughe the merites of Jesu Christe our saviour. Amen.

May the beauty of the words that reach us from generations past bless you this evening!